Did you ever wonder why some people have great success in their lives?

I have really thought about it. And  it dawned on me looking at some successful people they all started with only one thing. Ready for this? Their self determination. Yeah, they made that huge leap and believed in themselves.

So is success an inside job? Yes a very resounding yes.

Look at Louis Loor, the founder of Fresh Start for Our Youth Foundation. He knew that he wanted to change his life and then be able to help others. So he just dug his heels in and started from the ground up. He took the time and  learned everything he needed to know about starting a non profit.

And look at him now!  He has helped scores of young people.  Lou made that happen.  He made the decision that helping others was his purpose in life. And he had to do the work to find that out.

He not only had to do the learning curve of the non profit, but he also had to know who he was in this process.

That is also the common denominator in successful people. Realizing that success is totally an inside job.


So what is an inside job? What do you think it might be?

It means that we are willing to find our strengths, determination and perseverance to make things change and happen. And when we know who we are, and what our reason and purpose is , that is how we bring about success.

Sounds simple, yes? It can be. It is about our willingness to do the work. That also shows our backbone and self confidence. There is a saying that someone who has a life long love affair with themselves is ready to truly give and love others.

An inside job is just that. The ability to see ourselves clearly, our strengths and our weaknesses. And then do whatever needs to be done, we just jump in and do it. If we are not feeling self confidence, then we need to figure out how to build and grow our inner cheerleader.  And that is so important. We do need to be our own pat on the back sometimes. Because only we know exactly how we feel and think.

When we have the skills to bolster our own self image that means we are truly on the road to success. We can see our own light, joy and voice.


  1. Willingness to look deep inside ourselves without judgement
  2. Taking action
  3. Living ethically
  4. Determination
  5. Vision
  6. Work ethics
  7. Self empowerment


And we are all grateful that Lou’s heart has touched so many. His success has really helped so many. And he did that on his own. That is exactly the point. When we do the work we now know how incredibly capable we are. There is nothing that will stop us from achieving anything we can visualize. That is really powerful.

So now it is up to you. Ready for success? I know you are. So dig in and become your own loving self cheerleader. Remember to tell yourself how amazing, wonderful, smart and visionary you are. Because it’s true! So go out there and live it strong!

I would really like to hear how you are seeing your vision of your self. So please do comment. We will answer you.

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, success-full-living.com, living one heart-centric moment at a time.

Ariel is a believer in YES WE CAN. Having taught herself to walk after being told she would never walk again. She is thriving, walking, and even driving! And now she is the founder of Success-full-living.com. A site dedicated to knowing that our inner strength and our love is our soul’s purpose. She believes that living in heart-centric moments is what propels an amazing vibrant life. So do join her on this journey!