Have you thought about that? I mean who are the people you mostly hang out with?

As part of living consciously this is a great question. Because it also addresses how we choose to see ourselves. If we are living around negativity, that is all we can see. If we choose positivity, there is so much goodness flowing our way.

And it enhances our self confidence, doesn’t it?

For instance when I was really ill and living in isolation, I often wondered what would make this experience easier? And it always came back to connection.  Knowing we are surrounded by loving people completely changes our world.  When I had an aide that was not compassionate it was harder to get through the day.

So what does your friends group look like?

So  please, look around you. Who are your 3- 5 closest friends?

  1. Do you feel supported by them?
  2. Do they make you feel better about yourself?
  3. Are they kind and thoughtful?


What are the traits you truly admire in others?

  1. Honesty
  2. Transparency
  3. Loyalty
  4. Optimism
  5. Positive
  6. Enterprising
  7. Compassionate caring
  8. Giving
  9. Sense of humor
  10. Yes We Can attitude
  11. Creative
  12. Supportive
  13. Non Judgmental
  14. Great listener


 What does attract us to other people?

You know that feeling that when we know we are being heard by another person? That is the sense of really being seen. And we all want that. Don’t we?

And in fact here is a great model:

  1. Make sure that who you are hanging out with people who see you in your truth
  2. Make sure that who you are spending time with those that hear your heart
  3. Make sure that who you are hanging out with the values of who you really are

When we are seen, heard and valued we can then live in our highest self. It is the most precious gift. We all want that, yes?

For instance how does it feel when someone really hears you? It makes you feel very connected to that person, right?

And when someone truly sees your light, it is a full heart connection that truly shores up our  sense of knowing who we are.  And when we are valued, we thrive.

So do realize that when we give these three gifts to others we are in turn also giving them to ourselves.


One thing about being a great friend to others, is also learning how to be our own best friend. Are you ready to try a short meditation?

Here goes. Sit comfortably.

Please take three large breaths. And let them out slowly.

With your eyes closed, visualize a ball that is floating in the air. It is just easily gliding along as the gentle breeze keeps it steady.

See yourself as that easy gliding ball . Feel the comfort, it just glides.

That feeling is how you want to be when you are with true friends. Easy, comfortable, and engaged. So stay in this feeling for another moment. And really feel how good and true it feels. Notice how your body is more relaxed.

So try saying this :

I am loving, compassionate and valued.

Say it 3 times.  Feel how your body and heart softens.

Try doing it 2x during the day.

Soon you will see the difference in how we are seeing ourselves and the people who are in our lives. I would really like to hear how this works for you.


There is nothing more important or precious in our lives than being with people we can really connect with. And when we find those that helps us to be better people. Well then we are living life to the fullest. And it is a most priceless gift.

Everyone wants to feel valued, heard and seen. When we give this gift to others, we are also giving it back to ourselves. Because we have learned how to be compassionate and respectful. So look around, do our people serve us in our highest good?  I truly wish that for all of us.  Nothing feels better or is a path to living a full and vibrant life than knowing we are loved and valued. So go out there, share the love, value others as you value yourself.

And you will be amazed at how fabulous your life will become.

Let me know how this is working for you please.

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, success-full-living.com, living one heart-centric moment at a time.

           Ariel is a believer in YES WE CAN. Having taught herself to walk after being told she would never walk again. She is thriving, walking, and even driving! And now she is the founder of Success-full-living.com. A site dedicated to knowing that our inner strength and our love is our soul’s purpose. She believes that living in heart-centric moments is what propels an amazing vibrant life. So do join her on this journey!