Enriching Children's Lives With Hope, Joy and Granted Wishes
We are a nonprofit organization 501(C)3 charity recognized as a tax-exempt public charity dedicated in helping brighten children’s lives.
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Uplifting Thoughts
A Promise of Success by Michael Sage
Ones potential is so huge, and so vast, Yet, why is it that so many fail, and usually come last? So few truly succeed, that when they do, others are jealous and totally aghast, Let’s all believe in success, and I promise that failure will be part of the past. The things you think, and the things you believe, If they are true, then those are the things that you will achieve, But if your thoughts are false, or they are used to deceive, You’ll be stabbed in the back, and that is a promise that you had better believe. Get rid of depression, worry and fear, Because success is so often so very near, Tell your subconscious, “success is mine”, and tell it to hear, Remind it often, and then success will be yours, that is a promise, my dear. Just ask the “DIVINE”, for whatever you desire, For happiness or abundance, or anything else to which you aspire, It’s now time to succeed, so go ahead, set your goals, and lights that fire, Do it with passion, and I promise you this, you’ll soar higher and higher.
Helping Others Will Change Your Life
Helping Others Helps You! Change the World -- Pay it forward. Most people feel something missing in their lives. So, how do we bring meaning into our lives? How do we begin to find our purpose in life? Help someone else. Help someone up off the ground. Get them back on their feet. Put everything you have into it don't wait. Just do it. Pick something you care about: Make this your mission. Do research on it, visit places that help people in your cause. Volunteer or donate. Invite others and share what you do. Use social media: Get all your friends involved. Create a Facebook page. Create a Twitter account. When we start thinking about helping others, we raise not only their hopes but our own heart vibrations. Our hearts rise up beyond the petty slights and missteps of daily life and begin to focus on a bigger picture. Spread love, spread grace. Try it and if it doesn't work, you've lost nothing.. but if it does work, you may find your purpose in life.
You Can Do This
Board Of Directors
Luis Loor Jr.
Ann Sarpy M.D.
Director Of Psychiatry
Laine Broder
Registered Nurse
Fern Rosenberg
Retired School Teacher
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Understanding Your Teen

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Mentors help children gain self-confidence, direction and resist negative peer pressure. They give of their time and take these young people to places like ball games, museums, parks and more. Many of these young people may never have had ventured outside of their…

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We use our blogs to inspire and engage with our readers. We share inspiring stories, insights, tips and guidance to help those who need it most. Every blog post should either solve a problem, offer practical advice, tips or share experiences that can be applied to assist our audience. The blogs should have as much of a global appeal as possible. Tone should be warm, conversational and friendly. Encourage interaction by including a question at the end and inviting comments from your readers. Word count-700-1500 words as a guide. Please email your blog to Loor@consultant.com along with: 2-3 sentence bio telling us who you are, credentials and a link to your site or blog. Images (landscape or portrait (600px)

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Fresh Start For Our Youth Foundation is a nonprofit organization 501(C)3 charity recognized as a tax-exempt public charity dedicated in helping children. The funds raised from your generous donation helps fund our programs. Your support is very much appreciated and fully deductible as a charitable contribution.

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A donation to Fresh Start For Our Youth Foundation may entitle you to a charitable contribution tax deduction. The actual cost of the donation is reduced by your tax savings. For example, if you are in the 33% tax bracket, the actual cost of a $100 donation is only $67 ($100 less the $33 tax savings). As your income tax bracket increases, the deduction is more attractive. Not only can the wealthy afford to give more, but they receive a larger reward for giving. Please consider generously donating today.